2014Frames Photography Festival

2014, disappointed with the lack of photographic representation within the Glasgow International Festival for Visual Art, a team of 10 photographers with radically different backgrounds and practices came together to stage a two-night screening of  international photography, concurrent to GI. The project issued 51 invitations to select curators, photography groups and artists, who were in turn asked to curate from their own network, a selection five to seven other artists. The resulting screenings spanned two evenings, featuring a total of 333 artists, representing every continent bar Australia and Antarctica.

The festival was organised by a exciting group of free agents, as well as members of FocoPhoco and The Forgotten Collective. The team included:Ida Arentoft, Nina Bacos, Julia Bauer, Colin Gray, Alice Gordon, John McDougall, Benjamin Rush, Daniele Sambo, Steven Scott and Linda Varoma.